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Project Description
For more information and the Quick Start Guide, read the Documentation section.

Solution Shipper is great for uploading projects to CodePlex!

Reduce Visual Studio Solution Size For Transport

Solution Shipper is a very simple, but useful project to strip out unnecessary objects out of your Visual Studio Solutions. I frequently have to copy source code from one machine to another or to a virtual machine via Remote Desktop. I have watched 2 gigs transfer to a USB device more times than I care to admit.

(Before the skeptics start shouting 'Why don't you use GIT?', I do, but switching between personal and work repositories is sometimes not practical and I prefer complete separation between my home and work projects).

My current work project has a 'Reports' directory that contains hundreds of PDF files that range in size from a few megs to 30 megs or more. Solution Shipper allows you to set folders called Ignore Folders and handle exactly how a folder is or is not copied. Read more about this in the Documentation Section of this project. I create an Ignore Folder Exception for 'No PDF's' and this skips copying of PDF's for the directories I specify.

Archive Projects
Another useful feature of Solution Shipper is the 'Add Timestamp' feature. This option is selected by default for a shipment (a Visual Studio Solution that is copied using Solution Shipper). With the 'Add Timestamp' option selected, a directory will be created using a time stamp thus giving you archive ability at the push of a button.

Load and Save Shipments
Shipments can be created for projects and then saved. This makes it very easy to ship your project again or modify your shipment.


The following areas of a solution are checked by default, but you can turn them off if desired.

Delete Bin Folder - does not copy the bin folder.

Delete Obj Folder - does not copy the obj folder.

Delete Packages Folder - does not copy any folders named 'packages'.

Add Timestamp - Explained above; copies your shipment to a folder based upon the current date.

Visual Studio will recreate the bin, obj and packages folders when you compile your solution

I created the options for Zip Project and Copy Project, but I have already spent two days on this project and I have to move on. I started this yesterday to save me 15 or 20 minutes here and there and I spent about 10 or 12 hours on it.

Windows already has Zip and Copy, so I just hid the checkboxes for now. If anyone ever wants Zip, that is probably doable. The Copy I am not sure how to copy to the clipboard like Windows Explorer.

Volunteers? I will name a hospital after you one day if you do.

Let me know what you think of the project and ways to improve it. I have looked at a few project cleaners like this, and I didn't really like any of them. I think Solution Shipper is pretty useful as Visual Studio Solutions can end up very bloated.


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